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Wedge dash structure. The wedge- dash structures for the staggered and eclipsed conformations are: Here' s how to convert the wedge- dash structures to Newman Projections.

Wedge- dash structures When drawing a wedge- dash structure, we imagine that we are looking at a molecule side- on. For example, consider how the molecular models of ethane, propane, and butane, below, match up with their respective wedge- dash structures.

This was also the main type of structure used in the Definitions section of this tutorial. Wedge dash structure.

Wedge- dash structures When drawing a wedge- dash structure, we imagine that we are looking at a molecule side- on. Three- Dimensional Representations: Wedge- Dash Notation The most commonly- used notation for straight- chain molecules in organic chemistry is the Wedge- Dash Notation.

The wedge and dash notation is used to represent three- dimensional structures of molecules using a two- dimensional surface, like a sheet of paper or a computer screen. Lewis Structures Made Easy: Examples and Tricks for Drawing Lewis Dot Diagrams of Molecules - Duration: 11: 58.

A wedge and dash projection ( wedge- and- dash) is a means of representing a molecule ( a drawing) in which three types of lines are used in order to represent the three- dimensional structure: ( 1) solid lines to represent bonds that are in the plane of the paper, ( 2) dashed lines to represent bonds that extend away from the viewer, and ( 3) wedge. This type of structure is also called wedge- dash notation or wedges and dash notation.

wedge- and- dash ( plural wedges- and- dashes) A method of representing the three- dimensional structure of a molecule in which solid lines represent bonds in the plane of the image, wedges represent bonds towards the viewer and dashed lines represent bonds away from the viewer. Staggered Ethane.

Wedge- hash diagrams Wedge- hash ( or wedge- dash) diagrams are the most common representation used to show 3D shape as they are ideally suited to showing the structure of sp 3 hybridised ( tetrahedral atoms). In a tetrahedral structure like CH4, two groups can be oriented in the plane of the page and have bonds written as lines.

Show the conformation of the following wedge- dash structure as a Newman projection. Assume that the front carbon of the ewman projection is the carbon on the left side of the molecule.

View the molecule along the C1- C2 axis with your eye at the left- hand end. One of the other two groups must be oriented so that it points out of the page ( solid wedge), and one must be oriented so it points into the page ( dashed wedge).

The bond line structure of ethane is. ketzbook 59, 898 views.